Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Helping Parents

If your child is diagnosed with an uncommon condition or syndrome, it's not uncommon to feel like no one else really knows how you feel.

Did you know that you can be connected to another family with a child who has the same diagnosis as your child?

Helping Parents are trained, experienced parents who are matched one-to-one with families who have recently received a diagnosis.

If you are interested in being matched up (or becoming a Helping Parent), contact Michelle. She can help make a connection for you.

Monday, February 23, 2009

March 2009 Activity Schedule

Mar 5- Autism/Asperger Support Meeting 6-7pm Palace Café 4th and Main St. in Ellensburg

Mar 10- Ellensburg Support Meeting 6:30-7:30pm Rodeo City BBQ on Main St.

Mar 11- Cle Elum Support Meeting 5:30-6:30pm Cottage Café 911 E. 1st

Mar 17- Mom’s Luncheon 11:30-1pm Hosted by Elizabeth Miller

Mar 20– Kidtivity Respite Night 6-8pm Church of Christ 408 S. Maple. Pre-register by Mar 15

Mar 28- Managing Challenging Behaviors 10-12noon Presented by Tory Fiedler DDD. This workshop is FREE.

and mark your calendars...

April 18- IEP's and Communication 9-12noon Presented by Andrea Sheehan PAVE. Fee $5 per person.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Overview of KC Parent to Parent Sponsored Activities

Kidtivity Respite Nights

Kidtivity/respite is a supervised playgroup for children with disabilities and their siblings. The purpose of these evenings is to provide a few hours of respite for the parents and fun activities for their children. Spaces are limited and children need to be registered five days prior to insure adequate adult supervision.

Volunteers have lots of experience with children of all different abilities. During the evening, children can complete an art project and a snack is served. Parents are asked to provide a group snack on a rotating basis. Donations to cover expenses are graciously accepted but not required.

Support Groups

This is a talk time for parents, care-givers, and legal guardians of children with special needs to share information, network, and support each other. The support group is an evening event--casual, friendly, and offered at a safe environment to inspire communication.

Currently KC Parent to Parent holds three monthly support groups. Parents are welcome to drop in to one (or more meetings).

Ladies Luncheon

The "Ladies Luncheon" is hosted by a parent at their own home or a place of their choosing. In spite of the name, fathers are invited also. The lunch could be brown bag, potluck, or full service depending on the preference of the hostess. These luncheons are very casual.

Family Activities

The Parent to Parent program values family time and community integration. We offer ongoing family activities that encourage all family members to participate. These activities vary in dates and times.

The two main family activities KC Parent to Parent sponsors are a free family swim at the Ellensburg City Pool and an annual BBQ in September.


Once or twice a year, KC Parent to Parent sponsors workshops about topics pertinent to special needs. Past topics include the IEP Process, Transition and the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Pre-registration and a small fee to cover the cost of the class are required.